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The Social Care Network Services 

The Social Care Network is a comprehensive list of services such as referrals, advocacy, and community assistance to complete gaps in care. We assists clients, social workers, care coordinators, and advocates. We attend conferences and host speaking engagements. 

We offer Virtual and In-person  counseling sessions. We also offer day time and Evening counseling sessions. Release of Information Forms and Confidentially Forms are available upon request.


Our main objective is to help you find a myriad of solutions that will benefit not only yourself but also the entire environment and the people around you. The services we offer are geared toward developing and improving your coping skills, time management skills, and interpersonal relationship skills.

Vision statement - A New Way of Impacting Society by Addressing the Needs of Community.


Encouragement, Empower, Empathy. 


Our Counseling Services Include: Individual Counseling, Adolescents, Career Counseling, Groups, Family and Couples Counseling.

List of Groups

  • Divorce Recovery - Topics include: resentments release, communication skills, team activities, esteem techniques, and trust building
  • Teen Girls - Topics discussed: team building communication, social media, and bullying
  • Anger Management - Topics include: how to deal with stress, communication techniques, and relaxation skills 

Counseling Services

Workplace Management

Career Counseling

Couples/Relationship Counseling 

Grief/Depression Counseling 

To request assistance, kindly contact our office in Memphis, Tennessee. We will gladly attend to your needs.

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